Study Skills

Study Skills Mastery in just 5 days!

Day 1: Study Skills Introduction

Are you impressed by people who can recall 3500 numbers in a row? That must be a genius, you might think. In reality you are as smart as they are. You just have to start to learn how to learn.

Day 2: Learning Through Association

Most students just cram information the night before an exam and forget everything quickly. Learn here how to double your memory skills instantly.

Day 3: Make Use Of Acronyms

This method works best, if you need to remember 5 to 8 terms quickly.

Day 4: Become An Exceptional Learner

Learn here easy guidelines how to improve your learning efficiency and develop your full potential.

Day 5: Gain Information Properly

Don’t waste your time, when visiting a class. This lecture will teach you, how to get the most from your classes.

The biggest problem for most students

Although high school and college students spend more than 25,000 hours in school, they are never taught how to develop effective study skills. This lack of knowledge suggests that many scholars merely memorize the content they are being tested on shortly before the exam. In a short period of time they will forget most of the information. Other students will spend their time inefficiently redoing studying they’ve previously completed, such as rewriting lecture notes, rereading textbook passages or relistening to recorded lectures.

Our Philosophy

It’s impossible for anyone to be a successful athlete if they begin training the night before a competition. Weeks and even months before the big event competitors are training, honing their skills and upholding a high fitness level. The same dedication is required when studying. In order to be successful you need a solid foundation in study skills. When you have mastered the correct study techniques they’re easy to maintain. Solid study skills result in excellent grades and those are your key to acceptance into the best schools or securing your dream job.

What our students say about our 5-Stars Rated Course!

  • I wish I had these strategies when I was in school...
    Bogdan offers a whole new world of straightforward academic memory skills. I wish I knew these strategies when I was studying for the big math test in high school, or doing essay exams in college. Today's students have it easy!

  • Amazing Course!
    I took the first test and recalled 4 words. An hour later I was able to remember 20 words! I cannot believe this. Whoever needs to study, has to try this. Thank you Bogdan. I should have taken your course a year ago. This would have made a big difference for me!

  • So happy it worked!
    I am a bit skeptical, but was feeling I needed to find a faster way to study all the info I have, so took the course shortly before a big exam and wow, I studied a lot less and did great! Especially the speed reading skills helped me soooo much. Thank you!

What you are going to learn!

Success isn’t just about intelligence. A big part of it is using the right tools for each situation. This is exactly what you’ll learn in our courses.

Scope of Your Potential

Gain greater awareness of how your memory works and how to make use of it in the smartest way.

Memory Techniques

Explore the powerful method of learning through association and test your improvements instantly.


Get concrete guidelines on how to become an efficient learner and reveal your true potential.

Note Taking

Learn how to get the most from your classes and avoid wasting time while attending lectures.

No Cramming

Don’t cram information before a test and forget it almost instantly. We can teach you how to make your knowledge sustainable.


Gain confidence that you can be a grade A student and be accepted into the best schools or get the best jobs.

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